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RTEmagicC_53ef85793f.jpgEffectively dealing with time

The persolog Time Management Model

Learn to deal efficiently with time. The persolog Time Management Model helps you to reflect about your habits regarding time and to change your time-related behavior purposefully.

› Time. Analyze your personal time-related behavior.
› Awareness. Determine your potential for development.
› Action. Create strategies and methods.

Create more time for yourself.

Gain an awareness for your personal time-related behavior with the help of a questionnaire. Get rid of time-consuming habits and stress resulting therefrom. Use the additional time for more important things.

Obtain a comprehensive analysis.

You will thoroughly reflect about your behavior in 12 time management categories. Question your attitude about time as well as the methods you apply. Develop specific measures through the three concepts of ″knowledge″, ″desire″ and ″skills″. This will improve your time management sustainably and effectively.

Increase your quality of life.

By increasing your personal efficiency you can make use of your time in a more balanced and controlled way. This does not only increase your quality of work but also your quality of life.

Work with research-based methods.

Dr. phil. Lana Ott and Renate Wittmann (MA/education) developed the persolog Time Management Model. It is based on the concepts of organizational and work psychology as well as on andragogic contents.

Assessment and learning tool

persolog Time Management Profile Online (available in English and German)

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