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Eisenhower’s Tasks [EN]

Eisenhower's Tasks is a group game for your time management training. The participants should get to know and understand how to prioritise their tasks.

For this purpose, they deal intensively with the four quadrants of the Eisenhower matrix. They learn to distinguish between urgency and importance of tasks and thus internalize the criteria of prioritization. In doing so, they are developing a new assessment benchmark for the future processing of tasks.

The game is designed for a group of 2 – 12 participants and it includes:

  • 4 task type cards: 1 task type (A, B, C, and D) per quadrant
  • 8 axis labeling cards
  • 12 activity cards: 3 typical tasks or activities per task type
  • 4 role cards: 1 emblematic role per task type taken with prior processing of the respective task type
  • 12 results cards: 3 consequences per task type, to which the primary processing of this task type leads
  • 4 action recommendation cards: 1 conclusion per task type for the effective handling of time
  • 4 time distribution cards: 1 recommendation on the percentage, balanced distribution of the planned time between the task types
  • Instructions and solution

Duration of training exercise: 20 – 50 minutes. The text on the cards is in english.

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