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Time is your most valuable resource. Every task uses or sometimes wastes time - and you cannot get it back. For this reason, time management is the key to a successful life.

Are you providing training, coaching or consulting? Do you want to help others to manage their time better and become more effective?

We invite you to a 1-hour free webinar, where you can...

  • get an overview of the new persolog Time Management Model,
  • find out how you could integrate it in training or coaching,
  • ask questions from persolog master-trainers,
  • benefit from a special offer for the certification program.

When? August 12, Monday, 6 PM, Budapest Time Zone

Where? online - Zoom (you will receive the access link after signing up)

With whom? Viktoria Kulcsar & Peter Kulcsar, persolog master-trainersR

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