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By and with Paul Donders, managing director of persolog Netherlands

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How to interpret difficult graphs

After this online seminar, you’ll interpret even the most challenging graphs like a pro.

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Immediately identify the personality which stands behind even the most difficult graphs

One can hardly count with how many people the persolog ® Personality Factor Profile has been filled out over the last decades. And people almost always show the same reaction: you can feel their amazement and their surprise when they realize what can be done with only 48 questions – how we can “predict” their behavior. However, most trainers remain on the surface: they remain with D, I, S and C, in the best case, they remain with the 20 patterns. But the actual power of the 3 graphs, the possibilities they unveil, are so much stronger.

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The actual power of D, I, S and C is rooted in the graphs

That’s why our goal is to share this knowledge with as many persolog trainers as possible. But we always had the same problem: We cannot offer the seminar "How to interpret difficult graphs" every month. Because time simply doesn’t allow us to do so. That’s why it always has been clear: we must find a way to enable everyone to fully exploit the potential of the 3 graphs.

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  • The three graphs are the optimal basis for interviewing applicants. In this context, D, I, S and C are often not enough.
  • In coaching sessions, the right interpretation knowledge enables you to recognize immediately where crucial challenges of coachee are hidden. Thus, this valuable knowledge saves a lot of time, for you and the coachee.
  • In personnel development, the three graphs reveal topics that indeed are perceptible for all participants, but somehow not definable.

How does the online training work?

It’s very simple: You register on our website for the online seminar. Within a short time, you’ll receive your access data. That way, you can start right away. The invoice will reach you conveniently by post. And all the other information you need, you’ll receive by e-mail. With your access data you simply log in to our platform on and off you go.

Online seminar


The basics

First, you have the opportunity to repeat some basics of the certification which are important for graph interpretation. However, if you already feel safe here, you can easily skip that part.


Deepening your knowledge

Then, you deepen your knowledge about graph interpretation. You’ll find exercises, theory inputs and self-checks which will bring your interpretation skills up to speed. However, you can also skip this part, or you only watch the content which is interesting for you.


Practical examples

The actual graph interpretations constitute the core value of the online seminar. You can either try them out yourself to test where your knowledge gaps are hidden. OR you can simply watch the graph interpretations live. On average, the videos last about 10–15 minutes.

The online seminar is suitable for beginners to pros – there’s something in it for everyone

It’s of advantage if you’ve already evaluated some graphs. However, you can also start directly after your certification. In this case, however, you should gain some practical experience. Giving you the chance to do so – that’s the aim of our online seminar. Your access codes guarantees you 90 days of access. That way, you can repeat single units any time you want – that’s one of the great benefits of the seminar. If you already have a solid interpretation experience, the more challenging units (part 2 and especially part 3) are likely to raise most of your interest.

Online seminar

How much time do you need to become an interpreting pro?

You can spend about 3 or about 10 hours (or anything in between) with the online training – depending on how many exercises you do by yourself, how often you want to repeat some contents, and how many units you skip. From my point of view, that’s the huge advantage of the seminar. For exactly as you wish, you can repeat single units for 90 days after purchase. You can take your time to complete the online seminar, you can give yourself a whole year to do so. Or, of course, you can finish the training within one single day. It’s up to you – and, to some degree, it also depends on your personality.

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Time for tips: that’s how D, I, S, and C should proceed


To everyone with a high D: You can jump directly to the 12 case examples and start interpreting. Within the videos, you can fast-forward, too. However, it’s very important that you completely go through the last 6 videos. For there are many tips in it which later, when it comes to interpreting, will save you valuable time. The theory inputs are always structured the same way: at first, we’ll have a look at the most important content, afterwards, we go into depth. You decide which contents you want to immerse in – and how much time you want to spend doing so.


To everyone with a high I: The first thought that comes to my mind: you should search for a colleague-companion to join you. Above that, you do not have to proceed the way we propose it. You can start wherever you want. Or, another option, you simply watch a video every day, make a funny self-check, and afterwards, you talk with your colleague about the eye-openers you had during the course. Having finished the course, you print your certificate, fix it to the wall, and celebrate yourself for having successfully completed the whole thing;).


To everyone with a high S: Please proceed according to the chronological order recommended by us. For one video is based on the other. Furthermore, you should answer all the self- checks. That way, you can be sure to have understood everything correctly. Afterwards, you pass to the next unit. At the end, when printing your certificate, you should be happy and – above all – proud of your success.


To everyone with a high C: You should start with the introductory video. For here, you get an overview of the complete training. You can also put the Facilitator’s Manual next to you in order to look something up, if necessary. Sometimes, there’s no right and no wrong about the graphs. In this context, we’ll point out some possible approaches to you. That way, you can develop a system which enables you to cope with such unclear cases.

These are your advantages when signing up to the webinar:

  • You don’t have to wait for a fixed seminar date, but you can start directly after having registered.
  • You get feedback regarding the exercises you do in the course.
  • You can participate wherever you want: it doesn’t matter if you’re at the office or on vacation – the only thing you need is an internet access.
  • You complete the course getting a certificate.
  • You work according to your pace. If you haven’t understood a unit, you can simply watch the corresponding video once more.
  • The access to the Online-Seminar will be valid for 90 days. Therefore, you are able to repeat the seminar as often as you like during that time period.

I’m convinced that this online seminar is of great value for everyone who deals with people and who works with the Personality Factor Model. You’ll get brand-new ideas about what you can do with the three graphs. You’ll get incredibly secure when it comes to interpreting graphs and after the seminar, there’ll be no more insoluble graph for you, any more. That’s my promise to you. I’m really looking forward to meeting you – this time not live, but online – and I wish you lots of great eye-opening moments in my new online seminar "How to interpret difficult graphs".

Debora Karsch

Debora Karsch

My certification for the persolog ® Personality Factor Model was some time ago when I took advantage of the eLearning offer. This allowed me to refresh and deepen the contents at my own pace – the interpretation of seemingly difficult graphs is no longer a challenge for me. Simply recommendable!

Anjana Friedrich

That's what I've been waiting for – I'm completely thrilled! The online course "How to interpret difficult graphs" is absolutely helpful, whether for "beginners" or "old hands". All in all: an absolutely successful start into the persolog online offer. Please give us more of it!

Mirjam Cordt

Overall, I rate the seminar as "very good"! I was able to expand and, above all, deepen my knowledge. I had some real eye-openers that make me even more confident and sovereign when working with clients and seminar participants.

Christina Matt

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How to interpret difficult graphs

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  • Sustainable: your personal access remains valid for 90 days after the online seminar.

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