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Making your seminars more effective

Each seminar is different. Trainers in particular experience this very strongly in their standard training seminars.

Seminar content, objectives and structure are nearly identical every time, and yet, one seminar works like a dream while another seems as tough as a visit to the dentist. The interesting thing about this is that facilitators and participants alike usually perceive a seminar in a similar way.

The reason lies in the fact that in a seminar the trainer’s personal style of instruction is confronted with a variety of different participant learning styles. The situation becomes problematic when the teaching and learning styles are not mutually compatible. This can easily be seen in the following example.

Activating exercises—no thank you!

Today’s seminars include all manner of exercises, games, and intervention. Especially trainers whose personal teaching style is based on inspiration or guidance often employ such methods. However, these are not well received at all by participants with analyzing or thinking learning styles. This is particularly true if the trainer moves from the initial input phase directly into one of exercise. The analyzing or thinking learner actually first needs time to process the information received, but in this case he or she is not given an opportunity. The matter is made worse by them being placed in a situation in which they may feel overwhelmed, causing them to withdraw as a result. Trainers who then attempt to bring them back on board with a group exercise have lost them completely.

Reflect on your teaching style

Discover your preferred styles of teaching with the persolog Teacher Style Profile. The Profile details eight different teaching styles:

  • Director teacher style
  • Quality controller teacher style
  • Energizer teacher style
  • Facilitator teacher style
  • Supporter teacher style
  • Mentor teacher style
  • Constructive critic teacher style
  • Evaluator teacher style

It helps you to further develop your own educational style while improving your skill in method selection. This enables you to adapt teaching units to the needs of learners and to optimize learning success.

Recognize the learning styles of your seminar participants

In working through the Learning Style Profile as a trainer, you become acquainted with the different learning styles and their needs. Learners who complete the Profile become familiar with ways for them to improve their own learning behavior.  The Profile details eight different learning styles:

  • Aspring Learning Style
  • Doing Learning Style
  • Relating Learning Style
  • Feeling Learning Style
  • Synthesizing Learning Style
  • Seeking Learning Style
  • Analyzing Learning Style
  • Thinking Learning Style

Certification - Learning and Teaching

Follow this link for more information on the 2-day certification: persolog Academy


Two days. The number of participants is limited.

Seminar dates for Certification - Learning and Teaching

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5-12-2015 / 5-13-2015München1.398,- €Register
6-22-2015 / 6-23-2015Perg/A1.398,- €Register
9-29-2015 / 9-30-2015Zürich/CH1.980.- CHFRegister
10-5-2015 / 10-6-2015Perg/A1.398,- €Register
11-25-2015 / 11-26-2015Remchingen1.398,- €Register
12-14-2015 / 12-15-2015Perg/A1.398,- €Register
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