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Scientifically reviewed and ever more accurate:
the persolog Personality Factor Model

Our current study focused on thoroughly examining the construct of the persolog Personality Factor Model. The latest results on the reliability and validity of the persolog Personality Factor Profile in Germany have now arrived. A tested, valid version of the profile is available for the first time.

Learn more in our scientific report  (download pdf file) ...


Opt for the "people" success factor:
Become an exclusive country partner of persolog

As a global publishing house of learning instruments for personal development, we are seeking exclusive country partners worldwide. Convince yourself of the attractiveness and opportunities of this business model. We are already represented in the following countries or regions: Austria, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, the United Kingdom and the USA.

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Further information in English
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Further information in Spanish

Do you have any questions about an exclusive country partnership? If so, contact our International Relations manager, Martina Hering at

What sets good managers apart
An article by Eberhard Jung

For companies to move ahead they need entrepreneurial spirit. This should not only come from the entrepreneur himself but also and especially from the employees.

In his article, Eberhard Jung tells you what a good manager should take to heart.



  • Ihre Persönlichkeit entwickeln
  • Stress reduzieren
  • Teams lenken
  • Zeit effektiv managen

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